Interesting technical information found during my restoration

Transmission Cross member

During the restoration I sent hundreds of parts out for powder coating, one of the items was a transmission cross member. This cross member was not the original from the car but was from one of my 73-74 Javelin parts cars. When it came time to install the powder coated cross member it was a huge surprise that mount would not fit. The mounting holes are drilled further away, I pulled the original unit out and sure enough the transmission mount holes are about 3/4" shorter. What a huge surprise. Needless to say now the original transmission mount is being power coated.

Front Inner Fender Splash Pan

On my 1968 AMX the inner fender splash pan with the rubber seal is installed with mounting bolts with square washers. While dissembling a 1969 Javelin I found that these bolts were replaced with self tapping screws with no washers. I guess this was a cost cutting item initiated for the 1969 production line.

AMX or Javelin Dashes

During disassembly of a parts 1969 Javelin I found that the vehicle serial number is physically mounted to the dash. There is a small window that the serial number is displayed from on the dash. On my 1968 AMX the serial number is mounted to the lower window frame with Rosetta rivets. As well the 1969 has a hold on tight handle on the passenger side that has a rod in mounted to the left hand attaching bolt that is physically attached to the firewall.

Frame Spec's

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