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Minor reconstructive surgery! Yeah right!!

Front End

Upper and lower radiator supports needed to be replaced. The best solution to this problem was to utiize the parts from my parts Javelin. This Javelin had a perfect front end so the support bars with the front inner wheel well were removed and transplanted to the AMX as one piece. This solution made for an clean finish that matched perfectly. . Body Shop Front 1 Body Shop 2
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The ad said the car was in a minor acident in the early 70's and repaired professionally before Hertz put the car up for sale. The only problem was it was not really fixed properly, the front windsheild that I found in the car was shaved down to fit the window opening and the welds for the rear support brackets at the compartment entrance to the trunk were all broken. This car was in a serious acident at some point and was not put back toghether proplerly.
Body Shop 4 Body Shop 5
The only thing to do was to remove the existing inner pillar support for the left and righ side and replace them with units from the parts Javelin. (So many good parts from that $350.00 parts car.) When original pillar support bars were cut the car snapped back to it original positioning and the rear support bracket laid down to there original position. Now the car is proberly fixed. Body Shop 6


Larry Mitchell's ad from the early 80's said this was a rust free car, and that it is. Compared to all the rusty Javelins and AMX'S I have worked on in the past this one is by far the cleanest on I have ever seen. Body Shop 30 Body Shop 20
The underside of the car is perfect, no rust at all. The fender troughs are perfect, the wheel wells and floor are excellent. As you can see from the pictures from the amount of abuse this car took she turned out were well. Body Shop 58 Body Shop 32
{short description of image} Body Shop 46
The interior cab is coming togehter, not much to do inside after the front inner pillar supports were replaced and the rear stress brackets were rewelded. A sandblast to the cab and spray in primmer. Body Shop 37 Body Shop 36
Now it time to work on the outside of the car. The pictures do not show it very well but the boddy is pretty much down to the original steel at this point. Minor dings were removed and the body primed. Body Shop 34 Body Shop 11
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